Asakusa has been epicurean from long ago.
If one doesnft have the best reputation on certain food, it is difficult to survive. 
gI feel like eating something good.h
gThen letfs go to Asakusa.h
This is how it goes about Asakusa.
In such a place gourmets praise
uBalloon fish, suppon, kaiseki Asakusa Tsujimurav
A number of dishes Tsujimura creates with seasonal ingredients
Try by all means.
When it gets sweaty season
Suppon pot, which is basic dish for beauty, health and stamina.
Never missh shabushabu of the abaloneh and gshabushabu of the common Japanese conger.
We have gained a reputation that you can enjoy the real Japanese food in reasonable prices.
Banquet: room capacity is 24 people.
Balloon fish, suppon, kaiseki Asakusa Tsujimura
3-34-6 Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo 

Balloon fish, suppon, kaiseki 
Asakusa Tsujimura

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